She keeps saying every breath you’re breathing is a beautiful song

My inner demons ,

Always on my toes trying to convince me otherwise

Is she just saying that to make me feel vulnerable?

Does she mean it from deep down?

Am I overthinking ?

should I just take the compliments ?

My best friend, always tell me

Tell your truth and get closure.

That it’s okay to be in love and feel loved

That it’s okay to express the love even when it’s unrequited.

I just can’t,seat and wait for unrequited love to continue investing in my time

I keep believing maybe it’s not my turn with you.

Fuck being a hopeless romantic.

I still believe in another universe we are going to be together (hysterical laughter)

As if you will be seated waiting for me to come

I still believe I love you ,even when there is no love being expressed from your end.

Simply because I can’t break your heart!

I could not stop myself from doing this,

This, this– to adore you,

Just to find my way to you,

To nest myself in your heart and call it home.

I begin to ask myself,

Does love have a season for us?

Are you the movement of spring or the beginning of the new moon?

How will our shadows meet?

What will your hand say to my hand when they hold each other?

Why did the sun kiss the sea?

Are we just a chance or a mere happenstance?

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