By Annie.



See, I have been killing myself in the gym trying to acquire that summer body. Sigh! You know I’ve been packing up on that happy fat, the comfortable fat, the everything is okay you can eat whatever you want without feeling bad about it. So here I am chubby and happy then enters Samson. We have been talking and all; I have been giving it a month or so till I meet this gorgeous human. That’s where the gym came in, let’s all laugh at my efforts of trying to look good for Samson. My Samson.


I have always liked my people with a little bit of hair so I can grab it whenever its going down, not thick thighs, not smoky eyes just a little hair on the head. Maybe it’s because of my former roommates’ woman; she had an Afro to die for. I always wanted to bed her. I never did though, not because I was being a good person…I just never got the chance. So Samson? Triple portions of God’s goodness, everything I worshiped, exceptionally strong and of course the full head of hair, falling down to her butt. I was happy.

My phone beeps; I check it, its Samson.

I smile open the text,”I wanna see you today”

My heart drops straight to my tummy not because I’m scared or sad, I am excited but more nervous. It’s only been two weeks in that gym, I wasn’t especially following any diet so I am definitely not in shape to see my sexy Rapunzel. Anyway, I am too weak to say no to Samson.

Me:  “What time?”

Samson: ‘ASAP!’

She had an Ego bigger than her frame. Have you met those people who just exude arrogance? Selfish? She was selfish, not the extremely cute type, Samson wanted it all and she wanted it for herself. Probably why I got drawn to her, red flag you might say, I know…I know…I tend to get attracted to that color.

I don’t know why the urgency but Samson called, I go!

Drop pin, I text her. She does almost immediately like she was literally waiting for that moment. I head to her house.

‘Hey, I’m outside will you come get me?’

‘On my way’

So here comes this well built woman, she is tall and her hair, ooh my God her hair! Her smile? Let’s not even get to that. I am a nervous mess, the few shots I took at home aren’t helping. I hug Samson it’s so warm and laced with a lot of want.

We talk, it’s good. Alcohol, always a convenient scapegoat in case things go south. Both Tipsy, sexual tensions off the roof. I scoot over to wrap my arm around her neck. Remember the ego? Samson would never make the first move.  Her focus breaks from the TV, her lips tickled my neck, and I closed my eyes my breathing becoming shallow as her hand snuck under the front of my shirt.

My other hand, gently pried her locks away from her neck giving my lips more access. Her lips trailed on my neck, the tip of her tongue slipping into a tease and my breath hitched.

“Promise you’ll still want this in the morning” Samson hissed

‘I will’ I said this with a submissive whimper.

We kissed, in gentle bursts at first then life happened. It was disgustingly delicious.

I will kiss Samson again and I will love it.



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