Today I woke up on the same bed all by myself,

I touched your side to feel your warmth,

The bed side was empty and cold.

I don’t remember having a conversation about early meetings.

Today you didn’t even wake me up with the morning kisses,

Not even a sticky note, which you always leave by my bedside ,when running late for meetings?

Not even the morning kisses?

Not even your favorite line that you say every day.

Today I got nothing at all!


We always talk everything out,

What is bothering you this time?

I feel like I am caught up with all these emotions fighting unknown battle,

Thinking hard that I might be doing too much.

Are you tired of us?

Do you need space to think and breath?

Putting down my phone,I turn to your side of the bed looking at our photo.


“You know, if she and I were still in the talking stage, she would be mad at me for playing too much games instead of talking to her.

And truth be told, I actually love it when she gets mad.

Am I a masochist?

No, it’s not like that.

She used to get mad at me a lot over the smallest things, and it was frustrating. But that’s what I miss the most about her right now because now I know that she was mad for one goddamned reason.”

I pause my thoughts ,Turning to look at the wall clock ,that has our picture that we took during our first date,

I can’t help it but to think, she cared. She was mad only because she cared.

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