For the first time,
I let her have her way with me.
My body,obeying the commands without my concept.

“Let’s get to the bathroom shall we?”
Her voice so strong,her eyes intimidating.
A few words that made my knees weak.

“How about you come do it yourself?”
Approaching me in a slow motion.
Her hand getting a good grip on my neck and choking me.
“I decide where to help.” She whispered and bite my earlobe.
I’d be lying ,if I said I did not cum.

I had to get myself together if not a punishment would await me for the next orgasm,
I’d have to work for it.
With only a big T-shirt covering me,I slowly removed it.
Her eyes ,full of lust.

Her hands having a good grip on my ass and neck.
Our lips meeting half way, fighting for dominance.
She reached for the tap and decided to kill the vibe.
The hot water dripping on us wasn’t helping the situation either.

Lifting me up ,as I let my legs find their way around her waist.
Pinning me to the wall.
“All these is mine.”
Biting my lower lip to control my moans.
“Let it all out, scream if you want to.”

She was doing everything right, from the choking how I like it.
Ass grab that makes me go insane.
To how she was rubbing on my Clitoris.
Multiple orgasms that were uncontrollable.

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