I crave her not the sex.

Her scent turns me on.

Her sense of humor,makes me elated.

Her cuddly hugs that make me feel safe.

Her company,

Leading us to talk about anything and everything.

Her touch is magical.

Her reasoning shouts perspicacious.


I crave for her,

When the night falls,

For nights like those,

I wish they could last forever.

I crave for those times,

That I randomly kiss you.

I crave for those moments when I try to kiss you and you fight the kiss,

The way you try and dodge and cut it short.

I crave for those mornings when I wake up before you,just to look at all that beauty,

The way you sleep peacefully.


I crave to interrupt your sleep,

Just to show you how the sun is shining bright.

I crave to have a taste of everything you got in your mind.

I crave for  you just as much as I want to mix my wine and candy.

I crave to have you in my arms and just play with your hair until you drift off to sleep.

I crave  those skin on skin moments.

I crave for when you’ll find safety in me.


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