Broken Crayons.


I wanted you.

Just as much as you had shown your interest.

You cared which was all a new word to me.

All I wanted is for the good things to happen.

I told you ,I will wait.

My patience ran out.

You wanted to own me, yet you never wanted labels.

I was never good with the flow.

I took my chances.

No doubt, it was scary as hell to love someone like you.

Knowing that I could lose you any moment, had my teeth gritted and knuckles white.

I overlooked all the red flags you kept giving me.

All I wanted is that happiness.

The slightest of them all.

All these time,I never knew you were pretending.

Pretending to care,

Pretending to go with the flow,

Pretending to  be happy with me.

You waited for the last argument we had.

You called it off.

Not caring about my feelings.

I was broken yet again,

I melted my walls for you,

It was too late to realize you only used me for the pleasure.

I  wanted  everything from love.

And I always end up disappointed.

It’s haunting how I can’t seem to find myself again.

My walls are closing in.


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