I met her

she was beautiful

So innocent yet intelligent

Beauty and brains making a perfect


She was slow but sure about her steps.

She wanted it all,

She wanted it open.

With no labels put down.

She was open about her getting intimate and

finding her unknown spots.

Distance was not a problem.

She made efforts.

She was in a happy place.

Happy with where everything was headed.

It was not an easy road for her,

Bitter sweet memories about her ex were

still a dark storm.

She wanted to overcome it all.

Baby steps are leading her into a perfect


A dreamer, helper.

A lot is on her table, yet she walks with that

charming smile.

Hard to open, but when she is ready she

says it all.

Genuine and has a soft spot for those she


She seems ready,

Will she make it to the heart win?

Is this just a rebound?

Her honesty is deep.

Is this a chance to be happy again?

Should the past be an untold story?

Should we just get on the future and see

what mother nature has in store for us?

Is this the power of fate?

I want her as much.

Not just for her looks , intelligence is key.

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